Marabu ClearShield Select Satin 5 Litre vinyl banners and rigid substrates

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Made with the latest advancements in water-based coating technology,

It is intended to be applied with a roller or spray equipment on a wide range of digitally printed products including pressure sensitive vinyl, banners and rigid substrates

Select offers:

  • superior UV protection,
  • chemical and abrasion resistance.

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ClearShield Select 5 litre Satin

UV-resistant liquid laminates are available in Gloss, Satin and matte coat finishes for manual and automated applications.


  • Digital Custom Wall Graphics
  • Retail Displays
  • Billboards
  • Vinyl Prints
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Exterior Signage


  • Excellent Abrasion & Chemical Resistance
  • Superior Outdoor Protection
  • Industry Leading UV-protection
  • Easy to Use
  • Enhanced Image Quality
  • Long Lasting Coating Protection

Brush and Roll Application

We do not recommend bristle brushes. For roll application, you’ll get the best results with a 3/16” short-nap roller (not mohair) or a highdensity white foam roller. We do not recommend black foam brushes or rollers because they occasionally bleed.

When rolling try not to over work the product when applying. Any really thick areas you can go over and smooth out but this product is self-levelling. Typically we recommend 2 light coats vs. one heavy coat.


Use as supplied. Mix well before use. Stir contents well. Do not shake. One
to two coats are sufficient for most applications. Allow coat to dry to the touch prior to the
application of the 2nd coat. Apply to clean, dry surfaces, at temperatures above 50F. Clean
up with soap and water.


The product will be fully cured and achieve final coating properties (scratch and chemical resistance) after 24 hours. Dry time will vary with the temperature, humidity and airflow. Allow 30-60 minutes to be dry to the touch.


Apply your liquid laminate at the end of the day. This will give a full night for cure and eliminate dirt and dust in the environment.
Yield will vary based on application method and technique. Typical rolled applications produce 460 – 480 ft per gallon. Spray applications produce approximately 400 ft per gallon. Liquid Laminator application produce 600 ft per gallon.

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