MS4WELD 846 Acrylic fast setting two part methacrylate structural adhesive 50ml

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MS4WELD 846 is a toughened 1:1 ratio structural adhesive formulated for bonding thermoplastics, metals and
composites. The combination of minimal surface preparation and rapid fixture time makes it ideal for a variety of
assembly operations.
Typical uses of MS4WELD 846

  • Structural joining of metals and plastics.
  • Composite bonding on ceramics where a high impact strength is required.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Sports goods.
  • Venting / ducting.
  • Prop and Model making.
  • Bonding magnets.
  • Sign Making.
  • Vehicle building and repairs including automotive spoilers.
  • Applications subject to outdoor weathering or solvent exposure.
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For best results use on clean, dry substrates between +10°C to +30°C. Insert the cartridge into the slot on the
applicator gun. Once the cartridge is secure, remove the cartridge cap and level the pistons by dispensing a small
amount of material, before attaching the mixing nozzle. Attach the mixing nozzle and dispense adhesive until a uniform
colour is evident. Apply the mixed adhesive to one joint surface, immediately bring the two surfaces into contact and
apply a steady pressure. The cartridge can be re-sealed if only partly used by removing the mixing nozzle, cleaning the
two cartridge openings and replacing the cartridge cap.

NOTE: This product requires a 50ml Mixer Gun or 400ml Mixer Gun for use.

Cartridge size: 50ml comes with one Nozzle.

Adhesive: Methyl methacrylate

Appearance Colour: Off white gel

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +150°C Constant temperature

-40°C to +220°C Intermitten