17mm x 1000 dots Green High Temperature powder coating and painting Polyester discs

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Green High Temperature Polyester Discs has:

  • excellent temperature resistance properties
  • a reliable and versatile product for powder coating and painting.
  • Clean removal adhesive to leave no residue
  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 204 C
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Green High Temperature Polyester Dots Tape has excellent temperature resistance properties and is used to mask and protect various surfaces during the coating, painting and baking process.

Carrier: Polyester Film
Adhesive: Silicone-based
Colour: Green (Translucent)
Thickness 80µm / 0.080mm (±5%)
Disc size: 17mm DIA

Disc size options : 11D, 12D, 13D,14D,15D,16D,17D,18D,19D,20D,21D,22D,23D,24D,25D,30D,40D,50D

Other Sizes available on request.
Number of Discs per roll: 1000