19mm x 33m MS4LSE Low Surface energy bonding tape Transparent

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MS4LSE is ideal for rough, uneven and structured surfaces, including powder coats, lacquered painted surfaces and most plastics. In addition, the elastomeric nature of the psa film offers excellent sealing, dampening and vibration absorption capabilities, ensuring that bonded joints remain permanently secure, even in external and other environments that may be considered harsh.

Immediate bond strength on a wide variety of sign making plastics (including, polypropylene, polyethylene and other thermoplastics) that traditionally resist adhesives.

Key Characteristics:

  • Very high initial tack.
  • Good sheer, high cohesive mass.
  • Excellent clarity.
  • Resistance to environmental factors, ideal for plastics and external applications.
  • Temperature Resistance: from – 40°C to + 120°C (long term) 150°C+ (short term).
  • Thickness 800micron.
  • Colour: Transparent



  •  Recommended to abrade where possible, there may be some instances where aesthetics or production parameters do not allow for this secondary operation after the powder coat paint process.
  • When bonding to powder coat overspray there are 2 main considerations regarding the surface
  • Low surface energy to adhere to
  • Rough, uneven surface for the adhesive to wet out.
  • MS4LSE tape is a high initial and ultimate adhesion to low surface energy substrates and specially formulated adhesive system that wets out and provides superior adhesion to irregular substrates
  • Clean with a non-residual solvent such as IPA surface cleaner.
  • Apply MS4LSE tape to the acrylic panel.
  • Peel back the filmic liner and position the acrylic panel.
  • Remove fully the liner and apply firm pressure by means of a roller.
  • After application bond strength will increase as the adhesive flows into and wets out the surface. 60% strength will be achieved in 20 mins, 90 % after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours.

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19mm x 33m