Wallpaper Matte Liquid Lamination 1Ltr

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Wallpaper Matte 50/50

  • Designed to be used with all inkjet digital wallpaper.
  • Water based product which increases water resistance of Inkjet Wallpaper
  • Matte finish with low glare sheen designed to enhance colour vibrancy.
  • Added resistance to physical abrasion with liquid lamination.
  • State of the art UV inhibitors, doubling the light fast rating.
  • Hand roller or Liquid Lamination machine compatible.
  • For use on most non-water sensitive materials.

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Available options: 1 Ltr or 5Ltr.

1 Litre covers around 7 to 9 m2.

5 Litre covers around 35 to 45 m2.

Applications Methods

Liquid lamination can be applied by hand with a brush or roll application.

Always test a small part before you apply it to all your application.

Apply two coats, waiting approximately an hour in between coats for the coating to completely dry.