TRAFFIC-LINE Kerb Ramp Large 450 x 1,000 x 75 mm (W x L x H) Black with White Markings

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TRAFFIC-LINE Kerb ramps – Large

  • Hard rubber construction
  • Shallow incline for easier access
  • Suitable for most wheeled traffic
  • Can be permanently fixed. Fixings included
  • Textured surface to aid grip
  • Suitable for HGV‘s
  • TRAFFIC-LINE Kerb ramps are manufactured in resilient black rubber complete with white reflective markings.
  • No assembly required, but can be laid side by side to obtain desired width using the provided connectors.
  • They can also be permanently fixed in position through pre-formed bolt holes.
  • Shallow incline makes loads easier to push up the ramp.
  • Particularly suitable for pedestrians, wheelchair users, hand trucks and vehicles.
  • Load capacity: 40 tonnes
  • Pack of 1 piece 450 x 1,000 x 75 mm (W x L x H)
Lead time 10 to 15 days
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Characteristics of the article 279.23.061

Material vulcanised rubber
Colour Black/White
Width 450 mm
Height 75 mm
Depth 1,000 mm
Max. load capacity 40,000 kg
Weight 25,20 kg