Non-Reflective Hazard Warning Tape – 60mm x 66m – Red/White

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Quickly and easily applied, this Non-reflective Hazard Warning Tape provides a high degree of warning in most daylight and artificial light conditions.

  • Highlight hazardous features.
  • Easy to apply for instant warning.
  • Long lasting adhesive backing.
  • Available in 2 colours to suit most conditions.

Areas of high risk such as hazardous obstacles, site vehicles, doorways, entrances and exits etc.

Application Tip: Ensure surfaces are smooth, dust and grease free.


  • Width: 60mm
  • Length: 66m
  • Material: Self adhesive backed Non-reflective film
  • Colours: Red/White
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Characteristics of the article 420.11.054

Characteristic Value
Colour red/white
Width 60 mm
Length 66 m
Fixture self-adhesive
Warning effect non-reflective contrast colours
Weight 1,00 kg