Heavy Duty Anti Slip Self adhesive Tape Black 100mm x 18m

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  • Premium Grade, Coarse Grit for Industrial Anti-Slip Needs
  • Heavy duty tape is an extremely durable premium-grade anti-slip tape engineered to provide a durable non-slip surface.
  • This anti-slip traction tape provides an essential safety solution in many environments including construction and agricultural worksites fitness facilities and much much more.
  • A heavy duty adhesive tape that stands up to oil diesel fuel and mud found in extreme OEM environments this heavy duty tape improves safety and minimizes accidents remaining durable and performing reliably over time both indoors and outdoors.
  • When you want anti-slip traction tape you can depend on choose this heavy duty tape featuring silicon carbide grit to ensure long-lasting slip resistance.
  • Excellent as a safety measure at work home and for recreation this anti-slip traction tape can make all the difference by helping to prevent slip and fall accidents by delivering ultra-durable high traction on frequently-used surfaces such as floors steps pedals and more.
  • This heavy duty adhesive tape with an adhesive system intended to stay put for the long term on a variety of surfaces for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • This multipurpose heavy duty tape is available in various sizes.
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Heavy Duty Anti Slip Self adhesive Tape Black 100mm x 18m

MS4FLOOR TAPE Application instructions

  1. Testing of adhesion to the surface should be done before installation
  2. Do not apply MS4FLOOR Tape when surface temperature is below 10 degrees.
  3. Fill in cracks, seal porous surfaces and repair to a smooth finish, as required, avoid application to grout areas.
  4. Always apply MS4FLOOR to clean, dry, wax and oil -free surface. Allow ample time for drying.
  5. Peel off protective release liner/paper from MS4FLOOR TAPE.
  6. Press MS4FLOOR Tape to prepared surface. Bond is increased by using rubber hand roller. (IMPORTANT: Minimize touching adhesive with fingers)
  7. MS4FLOOR Tape is ready for immediate use, no need to wait.
  8. Keep MS4FLOOR Tape clean. Use mid floor cleaners as directed.
  9. Application to porous surfaces is not recommended.