GRP Waffle Boards 996 x 310 x 38mm Grip Top Grey (Sold in Pairs)

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Off Road 4×4 Mud Snow Recovery Waffle Boards Bridging Sand Ladders

GRP Waffle Boards are ideal for any off-road scenario as they can efficiently bear a vehicle’s weight. Constructed from the highest quality fibreglass making them lightweight, chemical, rust, and corrosion resistant whilst also offering longevity and durability.

With their gritted textured top surface, our Waffle Boards deliver unparalleled traction making them perfect for navigating challenging terrains, and handling unpredictable conditions especially in snow and icy weather.

Available in 25 and 38mm, the boards are sold in pairs and available in green, grey and yellow.

Size 996 x 310 x 38mm (Sold in Pairs).

Colour: Grey


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Typical applications: Essential for off-road recovery including recreational off-roading to emergency and military operations.

Material: GRP – Glass reinforced polyester with a resin coated gritted surface.

Cleaning: Use of a stiff brush will normally be sufficient to remove everyday dirt and debris, and for more stubborn dirt a mild detergent with warm water is often effective. A pressure washer on a low-pressure setting can be used to clean the GRP

Technical Specification
Slip resistant: Excellent slip resistance to level 3
Wear resistant: Excellent wear resistance to level 3, suitable for heavy footfall
Water absorbent: The design allows water to self-drain
Chemical resistant: Yes
Dry area: Yes
Wet area: Yes
Oily and greasy area: Yes
Heavy area: Yes
Wheeled area: Yes
Environment: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Flame retardant: Yes
Impact resistant: Yes
Non-conductive (Electrical): Yes
Non-conductive (HVElectrical): Yes