General Purpose High Temp Grey double sided tape powder coating 19mm x 1.1mm x 33m

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MS4110HTGP is a grey foamed acrylic tape with an easy release red PE filmic liner.
The product utilises the latest high strength, solvent free technology to satisfy the demanding criteria of the sign maker and other industries requiring critical, consistent, and reliable performance. With excellent holding power and temperature resistance, it can withstand extremes of heat, ideal for the powder coating process.

Product Benefits

  • High tack and initial bond strength improving process efficiency
  • Easy release double sided siliconised liner to speed up assembly
  • Incredibly high bond strength for peace of mind
  • Withstands extremes of temperature, water, most solvents and chemicals, differential expansion and contraction and highforces applied to the bond providing superior durability,longevity and exterior performance.
  • Suitable for powdercoat process
  • It is an alternative tape to GPH110GF


Product Specifications
Colour – Grey
Carrier – Acrylic Foam
Liner – Red PE
Thickness – 1.1mm ( ±10% ) Length – 33m
Standard Roll Dimensions – 12, 19, 25mm Logs – 930mm

Heat/ Temperature Resistance
UV Resistance +
Chemical Resistance +
Short Term 230°C
Long Term 150°C

Product best practice
Where possible, and aesthetics allow, always abrade the surface to provide a ‘key‘. This can increase
the ultimate bond strength by as much as 35%. Clean with Surface Cleaner and prime with the
relevant MS4U Surface Primer.

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19mm x 33m