Forklift Mat 90cm x 180cm black

£131.99 inc VAT £109.99 ex VAT

Forklift Mat provides optimal water absorption and dirt removal brought into warehouses by forklift trucks.

The polypropylene surface has been specially designed with an intricate weave to achieve maximum effectiveness in high traffic areas. Affixed using our double-sided adhesive tape, our Forklift Mat is suitable for the most demanding warehouse environments, reducing the risks of slips, trips, and falls.

The mat comes in a 90cm x 180cm tile and is designed to be able to cover large areas by laying them side by side.

Adhesive tape usually sold separately (1 roll covers around 4 mats),

Package Deal you will get 1 roll of tape 50mm x 50m with every Forklift mat order.


Typical applications:

Ideal for any environment where forklifts are operated, contributing to cleanliness, safety, and the protection of floor surfaces.


Polypropylene surface with rubber backing.


Wash with cold water, use vacuum cleaner or use pressure pump to remove dirt.

The use of detergent is not recommended.


Intricate weaved surface design to achieve maximum absorbency and dirt removal brought in by forklift trucks

Reduces the risk of forklifts skidding or losing control on wet or dirty surfaces

Enhances safety by removing the risk of slips caused by wet surfaces

Mats can be installed individually or laid next to each other to cover large areas

Simple and easy to install using our double-sided adhesive tape – tape sold separately. 1 roll covers around 4 mats

The longevity of the mat depends on how they are treated. We recommend that forklift operatives retrain from turning on the mats or placing/pushing pallets across them, as such actions can cause damage resulting in early replacement

Easy to clean

Material: Polypropylene surface with rubber backing

Overall height: 8mm

Technical Specification

Water absorbent

Excellent water absorbency to level 3

Soil resistant

Excellent scraping and wiping function, resistant to level 3

Disability friendly Yes, the low profile makes it suitable for wheelchair users

Dry area Yes

Wet area Yes

Heavy area Yes


Suitable for indoor use

Forklifts Yes

Product testing

Rubber backing:

  • Hardness: 55+ shore A
  • DIN abrasion loss mm3: 250-300
  • Tensile strength: 3-3.5Mpa

Temperature resistance -20°C to 110° C






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