Crystal High temperature pre powder coating tape 12mm x 33m

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  • MS4HT 225 is a double-sided tape that offers excellent clarity and superb die cutting and converting opportunities, due to its highly cohesive nature.
  • MS4HT 225 is specially designed for the most difficult, heavy duty and critical applications, where total quality assurance is required.
  • The thickness of the adhesive conforms well to textured, structured and uneven surfaces making it ideal for a wide range of surfaces and applications.
  • The high temperature performance of this adhesive will allow bonding of metals prior to powder coating and oven stoving at temperatures in excess of 200°C.
  • High clarity and a virtually invisible bond
  • Superb die cutting and converting opportunities
  • Ultra-high sheer and high cohesion – ensuring the tape (and bond) remain strong under stress
  • Interior or exterior application



MS4HT 225 is a high-performance transfer adhesive that offers the ultimate in pressure sensitive tape performance.

This highly cross linked, pure acrylic adhesive system is virtually impervious to UV, temperature, ageing, chemicals and other influencing factors that may be present within difficult or exacting environments.

Blue Filmic Liner

Colour Clear
Thickness 0.25mm
Adhesive Pure acrylic
Standard roll dimensions 12, 19 & 25mm widths x 33m rolls
Coat weight 250g/m2
Adhesion according to AFERA 4001 Glass 30N/25mm – Steel 32N/25mm – PVC 23N/25mm – Aluminium 31N/25mm
Application temperature Minimum 15°c (ideally between 21°c and 40°c)
Temperature resistance according to ISTM D3654 method From -40°c to +150°c (long term) 250°c+ (short term) Area of 6.25² with 1kg load @ 150°c for 10,000 minutes


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12mm x 33m