50mm Wide x 600mm Long Anti Slip GRP Decking Strip Yellow Pack of 5

£15.18 inc VAT £12.65 ex VAT

Key Points

  • Increased safety for decking areas and walkways
  • Made from GRP with a resin-coated gritted surface
  • Apply directly to wood, metal, concrete and more
  • Highly durable – water, oil, chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to remove everyday dirt with a stiff brush
  • Lightweight easy to handle, quick and simple to fit
  • Can be drilled or cut to size to ensure the perfect fit
  • Offers excellent wear and slip resistance to Level 3
  • Installation method : Double fixing method option consisting of high strength adhesive and mechanical fixings
  • 50mm Wide x 600mm Long Anti Slip GRP Decking Strip Yellow Pack of 5
  • Type: un-drilled
  • delivery 3 to 5 working days.
  • Colour options: Black, Beige or Yellow.


Decking strips

Anti-Slip GRP Decking Strips provide an immediate, cost-effective way to increase safety in any environment and can be applied directly to wood, metal, concrete and much more.

Manufactured from the highest quality fibreglass, to ensure longevity and maximum protection, our design allows for quick and easy installation and can be

Pre-drilled option available with an extra charge.

Available in two profile sizes, 50mm and 90mm and a range of standard lengths from 600mm to 3000mm and colours, our decking strips can also be cut to bespoke sizes for the perfect fit. Ideal for both wet and dry environments


GRP – Glass reinforced polyester with a resin coated gritted surface.

Typical applications: An affordable solution for decking platforms, walkways and bridges and can be used on industrial or construction sites, plus in schools, residential areas, commercial premises and sport and leisure facilities.

Advance preparation

It is essential that any damage or undulations to the receiving substrate are remedied to ensure the decking strips will be on a flat, even and damage free surface.

If using adhesive, clean the substrate thoroughly to remove any oil, grease, dust or loose particles, making sure the underside of the strips is clean, dry and dust-free too.

If the substrate has been affected, such as by oil or particles, or if its surface strength is insufficient, mechanical fixing will be necessary. Before applying an adhesive, it is advisable to carry out a dry-fit first to ensure a suitable fit.

Manufacturer recommendation is to use a double fixing method consisting of a high strength adhesive and mechanical fixings, especially when used in high traffic areas. Using adhesive and mechanical fixing can also be useful to minimise any ‘drumming’ noise when walked upon, which can happen when the substrate is not entirely flat.


Using a stiff brush will normally be sufficient to remove everyday dirt and debris. For more stubborn dirt, wash with warm water and a mild detergent, or a pressure washer on a lowpressure setting can also be used.


Minor adjustments, small cut outs, can be made with a hacksaw or a jigsaw with a suitable blade. We offer a full in-house cutting service, however, should you wish to cut the decking strips yourself, this is easily to do by using orbital cutting equipment with either a stone or diamond blade. Cutting should be carried out externally, or where there is dust extraction, or suitable ventilation. Appropriate protective equipment should always be worn.


High-Speed Steel (HSS) drill bits are used for drilling wood, light metals, GRP(Glass Reinforced Plastic) and PVC.