24mm x 50mm Gladiator Masking Tape White Pack of 6 Rolls

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Gladiator masking tape delivers a sharp and clean edge to paint lines whilst conforming well to contours.

Ideal for gloss and emulsion paints. Removes quickly & cleanly without residue.

Use on unfinished and previously painted woodwork, metalwork and many other surfaces.

Light weight bundling.
Professional painters and plasterers masking tape.
Suitable for brush, roller and spray applications.
Suitable for general purpose bonding, holding, sealing and masking applications (24 hours).

Pack of 6 Rolls 24mm X 50m

£0.58 each roll.

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This is a crepe paper tape coated with a solvent rubber adhesive system, recommended for
general purpose masking applications.

Clean removal.
Smooth and controlled unwind.
Good peel adhesion.
Good shear and holding strength.
Good paint flake resistance.
No staining.