12mm x 1mm x 33m High bond Clear gel Acrylic foamed Adhesive tape

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  • Strong, secure and durable bond. 100% pure acrylic adhesive core so it has high cohesive strength.
  • Withstands extremes of temperature, water, most solvents and chemicals, differential expansion and contraction and high forces applied to the bond providing superior durability, longevity and exterior performance.
  • Water clear appearance giving an invisible bond line where aesthetics demand.
  • Super holding power and good adhesion to metals
  • Good performance for die-cutting
  • Bonds to LCD & Polycarbonate panels, Glass
  • Automotive exterior part bonding
  • UV and Chemical resistant.
  • Superb sealing properties


MS4100C is a clear acrylic tape with a red double sided siliconised filmic liner. The product utilises the latest high strength, solvent free technology to satisfy the demanding criteria of the signmaker and other industries requiring critical, consistent and reliable performance whilst being friendly to the environment. The water clear appearance of the product makes it ideal where aesthetics demand a colourless bond line.

No VOC and environment friendly. Stable in both high and low temperatures. Strong under UV, heat, and chemical and moisture resistance. Excellent holding power allows for this type to withstand various weights in many environments. Product application: This clear acrylic gel tape especially suited to bonding clear plastics and glass. Also can used to bond high surface energy plastics, decoration panel, joining clear materials, Name plate and signs.

Can be used internally & externally.
Standard length 33m and width 12mm,

Available options 19mm and 25mm.

Call us for a bespoke width or email us via Contact us page.

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