12mm x 1.1mm x 33m High bond double sided Acrylic conformable foamed Adhesive tape Grey (RP45 Alternative)

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  • Strong, secure and durable bond. 100% pure acrylic adhesive core so it has high cohesive strength.
    • Super holding power and good adhesion to metals
    • Good performance for die-cutting
    • Bonds to LCD & Polycarbonate panels
    • Automotive exterior part bonding
    • UV and Chemical resistant.
    • Superb sealing properties
    • Easy siliconised release paper liner


MS4QW110G is a Double sided Acrylic foamed Adhesive tape Grey, the Acrylic adhesive is coated on acrylic Grey foam carrier with a white paper liner.

The product utilises the latest high strength, solvent free technology to satisfy the demanding criteria of the sign maker and other industries requiring critical, consistent and reliable  performance whilst being friendly to the environment. The firmer acrylic core yields incredible shear and peel strengths and superior holding power.

This 1.1mm thick, high bond acrylic tape provides an unbelievable bond to difficult surfaces and in many cases eliminates the need to use mechanical fixings such as screws and bolts, a better looking alternative.

Product application: Metal, glass, high surface energy plastics, Automotive and Construction.

A firmer, high shear bond, ideally suited to metal. Particularly adept at bonding fixing channels to the rear of signage.

Can be used internally & externally.
Standard length 33m.

You can test the tape to satisfy yourself with your application before ordering a full roll, a testing sample is 25mm x 15cm,

Best Practice

Where possible, and aesthetics allow, always abrade the surface to provide a key ‘. This can increase the ultimate bond strength by as much as 35%. Clean with Surface Cleaner and prime with the relevant MS4 Surface Primer. Using Primer will increase the ultimate bond strength by up to 50%.

Technical Information:

Colour: Grey
Thickness: 1.1mm (+/—10%)
Carrier: Acrylic Foam
Liner:  White paper liner
Length: 33m (1.1mm)
Standard Roll Dimensions: options 12, 19, or 25mm


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12mm x 1mm x 33m