GLASS ADHERE WHITE 1372mm x 30.5m

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Glass Adhere, Peel & Position Media

New Micro adhesion suction technology white opaque pp film – for all solvent & UV ink

Adheres to Glass, Plexiglass, Formica, Coroplast, Vehicles & Metals
• Removable & Reusable
• Water resistant – cleanable, even with glass cleaners
• Fade resistant, tested for 6 months to date
• 99% bubble Fee, tested for 6 months to date
• Sticks to itself
• Solvent/UV Printers
• Full bleed printing, no need to leave a white boarder
• Conforms to temperature change, non-shrink
• Kiss-Cut/Contour cut capable
• No Residue, No Static, No Cling, non-adhesive formula
• Phthalates, Glyco-ether and Formaldehyde Free


Great for applications including:

• Outdoor window signs
• Plastics
• In-store fridge doors
• Formica counters
• Metal surface

Size: 1372mm x 30.5m


Clean the surface that GlassAdhere is going to be applied to with water (preferably hot).
Do NOT use cleaning agents. Dry with a lint free cloth.
Do NOT bend or crease GlassAdhere because it will induce tunnelling or bubbles which
may remain after squeegeeing. Smooth over the corners of the printed GlassAdhere, in a
circular motion, to prevent “dog-earing”.


We suggest double-cutting to butt-up the material as it does not shrink.
Do NOT pre-cut the printed GlassAdhere – Cut it in situ.
Spray a coat of application fluid or water on either the application surface or on the GlassAdhere then apply the print to the surface. Applying GlassAdhere this way helps to minimise the amount of bubbles that appear.

Use a flexible squeegee which has rounded corners to prevent scratching the printed surface and
use a fair amount of force to push the air bubbles out in a smooth motion.
Start pressing the squeegee in the middle of the GlassAdhere and push out to the edges
of the print.
Make sure you cut the material to the glass and not leave it riding over the window seals as air can
get behind the material.
GlassAdhere is repositionable and reusable.


To clean GlassAdhere, wipe the print with a damp and soft cloth. Start in the middle of the
print and wipe out to the edges of the print.
Please Note: if you clean the print the opposite way (from the edge of the print inwards), you
may catch and damage the edges.
Dry the print with a lint free cloth.
Do NOT use cleaning agents
Upon removal do not bend back the corners of the print because this could create a crease or bend
which will make it difficult to get the corners to re-stick.

Please Note:

GlassAdhere is a NEW product. Results may vary based on individual application conditions.
Please ask for a free sample piece.