48mm x 45m Cloth Gaffa Duct White Galdiator Tape

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  • Applications
  • Bundling.
  • Masking/Protection.
  • Packaging, wrapping and sealing.
  • Polyethylene sheet jointing.
  • General maintenance
  • Waterproof cloth tape
  • 27 Mesh
  • 48m x 45m

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When strength counts and you need a heavy duty tape you can rely for interior or exterior use …Count on Gladiator Gaffer Tape!

Ideal for joining carpets, bundling, insulating, binding, repairing, packaging, reinforcing,
For use in the home, car, garden, boat and camping.

Waterproof cloth tape with excellent adhesion for interior and exterior use

1 roll Cloth tape 48mmx 45m

Colour White.